Ceagro manages the logistics of its products according to the needs and expectations of its customers; it strives for maximum efficiency in the relationship between costs and meeting of deadlines. The company works with different types of transportation modes using railways and roads to the ports of Santos, Paranagua, Rio Grande, Sao Francisco do Sul and Itaqui.

Through the traceability system, Ceagro and its customers have tools to track the delivery of goods in real time. With support from this technology, operations are scheduled in a personalized manner to meet the standards of fractional logistics required by domestic customers.

Moreover, Ceagro can ensure the quality of delivered products, evaluating grains both at the time of shipment as well as landing.

Another focus of logistics management is the environmental impacts caused by the transport of products, aligned with the standards set by the Integrated Management System. The company uses railroads to transport large volumes of grains to ports, plus a fixed outsourced fleet of 1,100 road trains, ensuring compliance with the contracted schedule.

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