Ceagro is one of the largest originators of soybeans and corn in Brazil, with a strategy of diversification of services and personalized attention to customers and suppliers. The company stands out for its agility in barter trade transactions, which provides the entire technological package of inputs to farmers in exchange for a share of the harvest.

Barter transactions give producers greater safety during harvests, for it minimizes risks, production costs and market fluctuations. Ceagro, in turn, continually expands its capacity to originate grain and gain agility to acquire resources needed for its operations.

Doing business this way, Ceagro has built lasting and transparent relationships, providing quality products to customers and guaranteeing sustainable economic growth to the company.

Products marketed by Ceagro meet an increasing global demand for food and agricultural commodities. Customers are industries from different sectors from Brazilian, European and Asian markets. All are provided with high quality beans with guaranteed origin, grown in areas that comply with the legislation and that do not promote deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon.

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